Who WE are

Beyond The Spark is a market development agency facilitating the expansion and growth of British technology companies into North America.

Our team provides both strategic and tactical expertise to support go-to-market activity in the vital early stages. Our local presence and know-how helps to accelerate traction in the region by supporting rapid development of both direct and indirect sales pipelines.

What we offer

Go-To-Market Strategy and Planning

Business Development and Partnerships

Marketing and Sales Execution

How we help


  • We start by looking at your readiness for expansion into North America
  • We identify areas where improvements can and should be made
  • We also help you size the market opportunity and ensure product-market fit


  • Building on the assessment phase, we work with you to develop your go-to-market plan
  • We draw upon your home market success to inform our approach to the North American region
  • Together we identify key activities that will set you on the path to successful growth in the region


  • We put your plan into action, quickly building brand awareness and recognition
  • We resource your direct and indirect sales, marketing and business development activities
  • Our shared success model serves to motivate us to meet and exceed goals as if part of your internal team


  • Once we have proven your viability in the market, we focus on further accelerating your growth
  • We help you develop a local team to maintain momentum or continue as a master reseller
  • We assist with office space searches, local team management and company administration

Why us


We have spearheaded the growth of British companies expanding into North America; building sales, marketing and business development functions in the region. This experience provides our clients with a partner that can reduce the risk and cost of market entry and extend them established expertise to increase their propensity for success.


Our extensive North American Retail and eCommerce network provides invaluable access to opportunities to increase momentum in channel sales. Leveraging existing relationships, we work quickly to amplify your brand. Tapping into our fund of regional knowledge, we help to navigate a complex but exciting market.


Given our trans-Atlantic ties, we are well placed to facilitate relationships for British companies entering North America. We understand and manage cultural differences between markets enabling our clients to avoid many potential roadblocks. Our unique position enables us to call upon talent from both the UK and North America in building our team.

Our Clients

About us

Our team has over 30 years of experience working with technology companies on both sides of the Atlantic. Led by Toby Sharpe, we have worked successfully across various verticals but with a significant recent focus in Retail.

Based in Manhattan, our team is committed to contributing to New York’s long and strong history of British-American trade. Drawing upon an extensive professional network we enable unrivalled access to the exciting North American region through our partner ecosystem and provide support that enables our clients to create firm foundations and from which to realise their full potential.

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